Tactile switch Extension and rewire / LCD FIRESTICK tv IN FRIDGE

In this video, we show you how to extend the buttons or switches found on many circuits boards which are surface mounted. You can then use a button or switch far away from the original appliance. If you are interested in the original LCD custom installation, see that video here

Parts used in this video:

Buy 13.3 inch LCD monitor seen in the video:
Thin stranded wire (we recommend 20 gauge or smaller):
Kester Solder:
Butane soldering iron:
Hakko soldering iron:

Wyze DoorBell Wifi Reset HACK WITH a switch, no more going to the fuse panel after a power failure

When the power goes out, you lose the Wifi Connection. How many times did you have to remove power to your Wyze Cameras after. a power failure. The same is true with the new Wyze Doorbell camera. The unit is less than 1 week old, and we are into it with a power failure. the doorbell stills work but it is no longer connected to the Wifi, and the app tells you the camera is offline. In this situaion, what do you do? Do you go in the fusepanel and start hunting for the breaker each and every time your Wyze Doorbell loses power? What if other circuits are connected to that breaker?
Well, usually the original doorbell is in a living space (so you can can hear the doorbell), in this video, we install a switch inline, so when the Wyze Doorbell loses power, and loses wifi (and it will), you can easily get to the swith at the original doorbell location to flick it on and off to reset it. We show you how in this video.

Butt Connectors:
Wyze Doorbell Camera: