Chamberland / Liftmaster MYQ 041A7928-3 888LM Door Opener Fix (beeping noise)

This is the fix for the Chamberland / Liftmaster MYQ DoorOpener 041A7928-3 – This can be traced back to faulty Capacitors. When you hear a beeping noise or if it stops working, here is the fix. Be carefuly, the new MYq units may look cheaper, but in reality they come with a subscription plan you need to pay for. Repairing this unit, is much much much cheaper and better for the long run.

If you want to repair it easily, solder on 1 or 2 new 1 farad 2.7 capacitors

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Prusa Mini 3D printer $10 foundation dampening to reduce noise using pavers, Stacked easily

In this video, we show you reduce noise and vibration from your 3D Filament printer using pavers from your home box hardware store. Total investment was $9.00 for both pieces. Since they are both 16×16, they stacked easily.

We bought these from Lowes here

If you do not have a home box store near you, see 16×16 pavers here

Forget using foam pads as other videos suggest, this is the best looking and most aggressive setup with the rubber paver on the bottom. MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE this video, we will post videos on many topics, and as usual, the majority of other videos sho the wrong technique, do not show the right steps and usually does not include the right ingredients in their projects.

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