Repair Defective Dremel Cordless Charger (rotary tool & charge base) or charging stations with pins

Dremel Cordless charging tool: When it stops taking a charge, even when battery is firmly seated – it is time to give it some love- and adjust the posts.

For Dremel Tools:
Hook Tools:

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Corsair Keyboard Disassembly and Key Repair (the RIGHT WAY) – K70 Mkii with Cherry MX keys

We read and watched a few dozen videos on how to take apart a Corsair keyboard. Most, if not all of them had extra steps and some of them actually damaged the keyboard with scratches etc. with improper techniques. Many didn’t even show the Cherry MX key removal from the circuit board and the replacement. In this video, we show you the right way to disassemble a Corsair keyboard, how to remove the defective Cherry MX key and how to replace it. Easily and without scratching or damaging your keyboard.

This keyboard is LowProfile, procedure should be the same for all keyboards

The parts we used in this video are listed below:
Hakko Soldering Station:
Desoldering Tools:
Plastic tools from phone disassembly kits:
Cherry MX switches: Please note, this K70 keyboard is lowprofile and will have a circle around the + sign, it is different than what is listed: You need to find these, it is not available in many sources:
Flux in a pen:

Gaming Keyboards:

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