WYZE CAMERA V3 Outdoor weatherproofing case and mount

In this video, we show you a Wyze outdoor case originally designed for the Wyze Outdoor camera. It does fit the Wyze V3 when. the original bracket. is left on. We also made one modification to the case. We drilled small holes on the bottom for drainage, water will get in the case with high winds and rain, and without the holes, the water will stay within the case (not ideal)

Parts USED:

Wyze V3 Outdoor Housing:
Wall mount / METAL camera mount:
Wyze V3 indoor / outdoor camera:
UniBit Drill bit:

00:00 Introduction Unboxing
0:18 included parts
0:43 Wyze V3 camera mounted inside housing
1:20 hardware included
2:56 drilling drainage holes in housing
3:57 Final look

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