Install a Remote start in a LEXUS IS350 and use Factory Remote to start!

Installation of a remote start in a pushbutton start 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport to start the car from the factory remotes.


Info: The links which have ” *** ” following are the products used in this video.


Basic Compustar Remote Start w/ Remotes:

2 Way Compustar Remote Start :

Best Compustar Remote Start:

Standalone: Standalone remote start w/ Bypass: Standalone remote start without Bypass: Standalone remote start ALARM system without Bypass:
Avital 4105:
Standalone 3x start units: DBALL2:

Programmer for DBALL:
ADS-AL-CA bypass:
*** Programmer for bypass (required):
*** Audiovox FLCAN:
Bypasses: Blade bypass:
ADS-AL-CA bypass:
Programmer for bypass (required):
Audiovox FLCAN:
Connectors: 3M T-taps: (red for thinner, blue for thicker wires, yellow for thickest wires) MALE spade connectors into the T-Taps:
Stainless steel self tapping screw:
Butt Connectors:
3M ring terminal:
Tape and Solder: 3M 33+ Electrical tape, used:
3M 1700 Electrical Tape:
Wire Loom:
Portasol Butane Soldering:
Ryobi Cordless soldering:
Non stick gaffer tape:
TOOLS: Pry Tools:
Fluke Meter:
Fluke Probes:
Dewalt Light:
Ryobi Light:

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