ACURA MDX Battery Draining from Bluetooth Module (How to remove)

A common problem with Acura TLs and the Acura MDX is a faulty Bluetooth module. In this video, we show you how to disconnect and remove the factory Bluetooth module. The faulty Bluetooth module causes a parasitic drain on your car. Even if you replace your battery, it will destroy your new battery over time. This is the only fix short of replacing the faulty Acura module.

Wyze DOORBELL Camera Installation, First Look and Troubleshooting with Chime Module

Is it better than a Ring or Blink doorbell?

In this video, we show you how to install the brand new Wyze DOORBELL camera. This installation replaced a doorbell system with 2 outside doorbells, and 2 interior doorbell boxes, along with a secondary wireless add a chime module.

We also show you how to remove or “unsnap” the wyze doorbell from the mounting plate once you get it into place

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