Toyota Fourrunner Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Radio Install with Metra Dash Kit

We install a NEX DMH-W2770NEX radio in a Toyota Fourunner
The prewiring of the radio can be viewed here:…

Are you looking to upgrade the radio in your Toyota 4Runner? Installing a new Pioneer radio is a great way to improve the audio quality of your vehicle and add some modern features. In this video, we’ll show you how to install a NEX DMH-W2770NEX radio in a Toyota 4Runner and the parts you’ll need to do it.

Before you begin, you’ll need to gather a few tools and materials:

Dash kit: This kit will help you install the new radio in your 4Runner’s dashboard.
Link to purchase can be found in the description of the video.
Plastic pry tools: These tools will help you remove the old radio and other components from the dashboard.

Panel popper tool: This tool is useful for removing the panels and trim pieces around the dashboard.

Pioneer double DIN radio: This is the new radio that you’ll be installing in your 4Runner.

Toyota plug-in harness: This harness allows you to easily connect your new radio to your vehicle’s wiring without having to cut or splice any wires.

Brass cleaner: This is used to clean the brass contacts on the back of the new radio and ensure a good connection.

Solder mats: These mats are used to hold your soldering iron and other tools while you work.

Ryobi soldering iron: This is used to solder the wires together.

Kester solder: This is the type of solder that you’ll use to make the connections.

Heat shrink: This is used to insulate the soldered connections and protect them from moisture.

Solder holders: These holders keep the wires in place while you work.

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get started:

Begin by removing the old radio and other components from the dashboard of your 4Runner. You’ll need to use the plastic pry tools and panel popper tool to carefully remove the panels and trim pieces. Be careful not to damage any wires or other components as you work.

Once the old radio is out, it’s time to install the new one. Start by attaching the Toyota plug-in harness to the back of the new radio. Make sure the wires are securely connected and that there are no loose ends.

Clean the brass contacts on the back of the new radio with the brass cleaner to ensure a good connection.

Plug the other end of the harness into the connectors on your vehicle’s wiring. These connectors should match the ones on your old radio, making it easy to connect the new radio.

Follow the instructions for your dash kit to install the new radio in your 4Runner’s dashboard. This may involve soldering the wires together, using heat shrink to insulate the connections, and securing the radio with screws.

Once the new radio is securely in place, you can test it out to see how it works. You should notice a significant improvement in the audio quality of your 4Runner.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to easily install a new Pioneer radio in your Toyota 4Runner. The improved sound quality and additional features will make your driving experience even more enjoyable. Be sure to watch the video on YouTube for more detailed instructions.

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Car Radios

Car radios , when to upgrade and what is needed:

You should consider upgrading your car radio when it is missing a feature you need. For example, you need to add Bluetooth for calls and streaming, Navigation GPS, DVD player, aux in, CD player, Mp3 capabilities or you want to add more power to the existing radio.
Here is an example of a Double DIN Pioneer radio, which would add a ton of features to your car, along with navigation GPS.

Along with the radio, you will need a dash kit to make it fit into your car if it is not a standard din or double din size. Din size openings are 7 x 2 high and double din openings are 7 x 4 high. If you have these standard sizes, you can just buy any standard din or double din radio.

Some examples of DIN size radios below

Some examples of Double DIN size radios are below

A dash kit is usually needed to fit any radio into NON standard openings. These kits are specific to make, models and years. Be sure to pick the right one and check for compatibility. They come in all shape and sizes.

There are also less expensive dash kits which will cover a wide range of vehicles. (for example, a honda kit which will cover the majority of Hondas). Since these kits are so universal, it is also less money.

If you have steering wheel controls in your car, find a radio with steering wheel controls and then you will need a steering wheel interface to retain it also. This is optional