This Wet Wipe cleans EVERYTHING! (paint, rust, stains, hard water, stainless steel, toilets)

Are you looking to clean up your messes?
Do you have a stain? Are you looking for a simple all in one solution? We may have that for you below, take a look!

Our experience is that this wipe cleans everything. It has a scrubbing feature built into the wipe, and they are premoistened. All you have to do is pull it out, and start cleaning. We used the same cloth throughout. It is very durable! Can you guess who makes it?
LINK to BUY HERE (paint version used):
They do sell different versions – but we used the paint version which is the best universal one for us. It is the same one type featured in the video. Stop killing yourself with using multiple types of cleaners (degreaser, clr, toilet cleaner, chrome polisher, etc) – use one wipe to do all of the above.