Reset any router DAILY automatically – VERIZON G3100 Router E3200 Mesh Extender – Digital Timer

We have a constant problem with the Verizon G3100 Wifi6 router and the E3200 Mesh Extenders. Even the Mesh extender would lose the separate 5G Wifi at times, and after a power reset, it would come back. The Verizon G3100 router also gets “bogged” down when handling a lot of traffic. You lose speed. You have 2 choices, you can go and reset your router and extender everyday, go to the MyFios app to reset or you can have it done automatically for you in the “wee hours” so it can be fresh and ready for you when you wake up. With household of Remote workers, and students taking exams and classwork, it is vitally important to have a stable internet connection. Resetting the router/extender automatically is one way to do this. The Fios backend does NOT have an automatic daily reset like some routers so, this is the easiest option to do it, and even if you have a wifi router that allows you to do it on the backend, –if you do not know how, this is the easiest fix to get implemented. Just plug it in, total cost under $18.00


Buy Digital Timer Used: – This timer was researched. It is important to use a digital timer, because a mechanical timer will fail with any power outages and need to be recalibrated. It is also to bring your unit back online quickly. What this means is, if you have your time set up to turn off power at 7am, you want it coming back on at 7:01AM. Many many timers work on larger intervals, so if it turns off at 7, it may not be capable to come back online many many minutes later. You also want an interval like ONE MIN so it can refresh DNS, and the cache internally properly. (buy it @
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