Make Power wire for your Escort or other Radar Detector easily!

Escort radar detectors and other radar detectors use a regular telephone cord as the plug design. If you wish to hardwire your radar instead of using the cigarette lighter plug, you have come to the right place. The 2 wires you need are the 2 most enter wires in the RJ11 plug.

You should find an old telephone cord around your house and also look at your 99 cent dollar stores. If you want to buy it online, , Tap a fuse wire (or you can wire it direct to a fused 12 volt source), Ring Terminal

Convert Retrofit Recessed LED lights with Hangars to Push in Mount easily

Are you converting the recessed lighting to LEDS with Retrofit kits? Well, most. of the kits come with wire hanger installations. Surprise! Not all recessed lightning has the abiity. touse those hangers, some of them are pressed in and do not support the hangers. In this short video, we show you how to easily install the LED retrofit lights to your Can stye recessed lightning with push in reflectors!

The parts we used:
Gorilla Glue Sticks:
Glue Gun :
LED Recessed Lights: Pick the one which have the male adapter into the socket, it will make your life a LOT easier: see recessed retrofit led lights here