Supercharge your HEPA Air Filter with 3M Filtrete Electrostatic and Carbon PreFilter

Your air filter needs a new prefilter every few months. In this video, we how you how to buy the carbon prefilter in bulk and also add a 3M Filtere filter which will clean up virus, bacteria and airborne allergens (something that most prefilters will not handle). The 2 items used in this video is enough to do multiple filters or do the transformation multiple times. The carbon prefilter found on many hepa filters need to be replaced, it is not a lifelong product.

Products used:
Cut to carbon sheets: *
3M 30×60 (cut-to-fit) Filtrete Hammock Filter : *
* Amazon affiliate link

Electrostatically charged Filtrete filters work like tiny magnets to attract airborne particles.
6 months of clean air performance under normal conditions.
Outperforms all other fiberglass Hammock filters at removing airborne allergens of pet dander, mold and bacteria, and micro particles of smoke, viruses and dust.
50 times more efficient than ordinary fiberglass Hammock filters.