Easy Fix! Squeaky Motorized Steering Wheel in Acura MDX

Have a squeaky motorized Steering Wheel like this in Acura Mdx (applies to all MDX years), fix it, because the dealer ignores your pleas. No more noise, when it retracts and extends.


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Magnetic Mount for your Phones & Accessories in an ACURA MDX 2020

In this video, it highlights how to take apart the dash to run some wires for a wireless phone charger

Parts used and to replicate

Wireless Phone Charger:

USB extension cable:

Grabber Tool:

3m EXTREME double sided tape: ​

The plastic tools we use are professional grade and generally not available to the public, but the closest ones are here – We recommend you buy the most expensive version because the plastic is a lot softer:

The other end is an Anker car charger into a cigarette lighter port:

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