In Car DVR Camera Systems

DVR in car camera recorders:

By now, you have probably seen some pretty crazy accidents on youtube, filmed on in car DVRs. Without the in car DVR systems, it would have been your word against the other driver’s word on what really happened. For drivers who commute a lot, taxi cab or uber drivers, or people driving around areas with a lot of pedestrians – and in car dvr system is an almost required item to cover your liability.

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Some main things you need to pay attention to is if an unit will record by itself, when it senses motion, how does it record, does it have a screen so you can review footage.

It is also important to note if the storage is internal or it will require an sd card (at an extra expense). You also need to take note of recording times, and how much you drive to pick an unit.

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Not all units are created equal, more expensive units will have a better sensor , so it will pick up objects in more detail and may work better at nighttime.

another important thing is if the unit will record in 720p, 1080p or in standard definition.

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Sometimes, you want multiple cameras to record all around a vehicle

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Honda & Acura Ipod / Bluetooth / Digital Interfaces

Honda and Acuras are some of the most popular cars on the road. Because of the way the manufacturer built expansion for factory cd changers into their radios, older radios in these cars can be easily retrofitted with new technology. Including AUX Mp3 plugs, Bluetooth Music Stream, Hands Free calling and more.

There are 3 types of connectors found in Hondas and Acuras. Years are usually shared.

Old M Bus type, which is a round type adapter. Around the 1992 year on up to around 1997 or so. Was used for the factory CD changer.

An example of a good M BUS Auxiliary adapter is below


In about 1998 or so, Honda moved to a Retangular size plug. Usually the back of your radio will have an open Blue (not always Blue) port, for an aux adapter. You can use the following products.

In about 2003, honda changed to a white more square adapter. Sometimes this port will be taken, and the new interface will have a Y cable to Y into, (remove old cable, plug in new interface, plug in old plug into Y plug and complete installation)

If your radio is 2003 and white plug and have an XM writing on it, you can use a better interface which will give you text! See below

There are some adapters that are for Bluetooth

Are you looking for replacement FACTORY Bluetooth modules? This is a common problem in like some of the older 2003-2007 Acura TLS.

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