C Wire for EcoBee, Nest & Honeywell Thermostats – Beginning to End running new wires – SmartHome

We show you how to wire a C-Wire at the Air Handler for EcoBee Thermostat. We also wire a Nest thermostat without the C Wire. We had extra wires in the prerun, so we just connected one of the extra wires at the Air Handler to a C-Wire. We believe this is much better to leave the original installation type correct without using any adapter packs.

Parts we used:
EcoBee Plus thermostat with smart sensor:
3M T-TAP :
Extra wire:
Nashua Foil Tape;
Stainless screw:
Google Nest:
Cordless shop vac:
Ryobi Cordless Light:
Multi purpose Ladder:
Diagonal Cutters:

Repair Defective Dremel Cordless Charger (rotary tool & charge base) or charging stations with pins

Dremel Cordless charging tool: When it stops taking a charge, even when battery is firmly seated – it is time to give it some love- and adjust the posts.

For Dremel Tools:
Hook Tools:

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Chamberland / Liftmaster MYQ 041A7928-3 888LM Door Opener Fix (beeping noise)

This is the fix for the Chamberland / Liftmaster MYQ DoorOpener 041A7928-3 – This can be traced back to faulty Capacitors. When you hear a beeping noise or if it stops working, here is the fix. Be carefuly, the new MYq units may look cheaper, but in reality they come with a subscription plan you need to pay for. Repairing this unit, is much much much cheaper and better for the long run.

If you want to repair it easily, solder on 1 or 2 new 1 farad 2.7 capacitors

buy capacitors here:
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In this video, we replace the original poor LCD TV in an LG LRSC26980TT Refrigerator with a new 1080p screen with HDMI, an Amazon Firestick and an Apple TV. We cut the original bezel, and fit the new monitor into place.

Monitor used here: https://amzn.to/38tEvkm (has to be an exact fit, for the height, and the depth so it wont protrude) – It was researched heavily.
Amazon FireStick:
HDMI right angle adapter:
12V 3amp AC adapter:
Micro USB 12v adapter:
Screw down magnets:
Rotary discs for Dremel:

Convert Retrofit Recessed LED lights with Hangars to Push in Mount easily

Are you converting the recessed lighting to LEDS with Retrofit kits? Well, most. of the kits come with wire hanger installations. Surprise! Not all recessed lightning has the abiity. touse those hangers, some of them are pressed in and do not support the hangers. In this short video, we show you how to easily install the LED retrofit lights to your Can stye recessed lightning with push in reflectors!

The parts we used:
Gorilla Glue Sticks:
Glue Gun :
LED Recessed Lights: Pick the one which have the male adapter into the socket, it will make your life a LOT easier: see recessed retrofit led lights here
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