Winter time car accessories

Nothing worse than being blanketed by snow, and then waking up early in the morning needed to dig out. Below are some suggestions which may make your job just a bit easier!

We have been using this for over 2 decades, original designed for expeditors at car dealerships and fleets, it is a must have tool and will generally clear your car of snow while not scratching your paint. DO NOT use a broom or other hard material on your car, while you brush the snow off, you are damaging your paint underneath! Use something suited for the purpose.

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Improve the headlights in your car with LED headlights.

Improve your headlights or foglights with new LED lights. A lot easier than older High Intensity Discharge designs with a separate ballast. Just make sure there is enough room, and then plug and play.

See car headlight bulbs here


If you are looking for a change in the interior, and want to add a little splash of color, see Interior car lightning here

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