Covid-19 items of interest

We hope everyone is staying safe and sheltering in place, we compiled a list of items which may be of interest to you. We are not medical experts, but we believe some of these items may keep you safer than using none at all. During this crisis, we must limit our exposure probability percentage.


Protect your eyes!
Goggles may be the best solution to protect your eyes. You need to continue to be able to see. But you need to also limit the chances of droplet or aerosol virus getting in contact with your eyes.

Take a look at motorcycle windproof/waterproof goggles here:

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We recommend you limit your exposure at supermarkets, so buy in bulk and food seal the items in the freezer or fridge to keep it fresh longer. Here is a fantastic machine which has a sealer and vacuum sealer built in @ a reasonable price

IsoPropyl Alcohol

is a fantastic cleaner for all of your electrics. It will take off grime, dirt and anything else. It is good to clean plastic bags, computer screens, or any general cleaning. The higher the alcohol content, the quicker it will dry. CDC recommends 60% plus to kill viruses.

Link to ISOPropyl Alcohol

Nitrile Gloves – Protect your hands!

You should be wearing gloves anytime you are exposing your hands. Hand sanitizer is great, but it is hard to come by and dries your hands. For example, when you bring your garbage can back in, or go shopping. You want to put on some gloves. Imagine how, and when someone touches something. For example, that garbage man touched 200 garbage cans before yours, and your 200 neighbors touched their handles before yours. Put on gloves when going shopping, or just working on your car

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UVC Germicide Lamps

UVC lamps or phone cleaners are supposed to sterilize your items, but you have to be VERY CAREFUL. Staring into any UVC lamps will DAMAGE YOUR EYES!!! UVC also produces ozone which is harmful to humans. UVC also will destroy anything living, which means it will destroy living cells (your skin!) — but if you can take precautions, and set up a remote UVC setup, this is a good option to sterilize your devices. Please do your research on how to handle UV-c



Elderberries have been suggested to help you with virus infection. Get your daily does in, if anything including some peace of mind.

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Blacklights sometimes show human saliva, blood, or other things not visible to the naked human eye. See if your items are clean, or clean your toilets!

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